The 1st team currently play in Surrey 2 League, the 2's is Surrey Combination North 1 & 3's in Surrey Combination 2. You can view our current league positions by clicking here for 1st XV, clicking here for 2nd XV and clicking here for 3rd XV.

1st XV2nd XV3rd XV
Date Opponent Competition Location Score1 Details
08-Sep-18 Pre Season Surrey Cup Festival Away    
15-Sep-18   Friendly Home - Poplar Rd    
22-Sep-18 Bec Old Boys Surrey 2 Home - Poplar Road   KO 3pm D 22-22  
29-Sep-18 Cranleigh Surrey 2 Away   KO 3pm L 26-43
06-Oct-18 Streatham & Croydon Surrey 2 Home - Poplar Road   KO 3pm W 40-0  
13-Oct-18 Walcountians Surrey Shield   Away  KO  3pm  W 40- 10  
20-Oct-18 Kingston Surrey 2 Away   KO 3pm L 12-56   
27-Oct-18 Economicals Surrey 2 Home - Poplar Road   KO 3pm W 57-31   Video of match is on Old Ruts Senior Rugby Facebook group


03-Nov-18 Purley John Fisher Surrey 2 Home - Poplar Road   KO 2.30 pm L 17 -  22  South Africa 3pm KO
10-Nov-18 Merton Friendly Home W 44-10  New Zealand 3pm KO
17-Nov-18 Old Blues  Surrey 2 Away   KO 2.30pm  L 8-35  Japan 3pm KO
24-Nov-18 Free Weekend        Australia 3pm KO
01-Dec-18 Met Police Surrey 2 Home - Poplar Road   KO 2pm  W 18-17  
08-Dec-18 Old Wellingtonians Surrey 2 Away   KO 2pm L 7 - 23  
15-Dec-18 Free Weekend        
26-Dec-18 Old Wimbledonians Friendly Home - Poplar Road W 26-22  
05-Jan-19 Streatham & Croydon Surrey Shield   Home - Walk Over Win  
05-Jan-19 Kingston Friendly Away KO 2pm  L 17-20  
12-Jan-19 Cranleigh Surrey 2 Home - Poplar Road   KO 2pm  W 19-12  
19-Jan-19 Friendly Friendly Home - Poplar Road   KO 2pm    
26-Jan-19 Streatham & Croydon Surrey 2 Away W 39-19  
02-Feb-19 Friendly   Home - Poplar Road   KO 2.30pm    Ireland KO 4.45pm
09-Feb-19 Kingston Surrey 2

Home - Poplar Road   KO 2.30pm

L 27-38   France on Sunday
16-Feb-19 Economicals Surrey 2 Away  KO 2.30pm W 32-21  
23-Feb-19 Old MidWhitgiftians  Cup  Away  post-poned  Wales KO 4.45 pm
02-Mar-19  Purley John Fisher Surrey 2 Away   KO 3pm L 25-36   
09-Mar-19 Old Blues Surrey 2 Home - Poplar Road   KO 3pm W 38-17  Video of Old Blues match is on Old Ruts Senior Rugby Facebook group 
13-Mar-19  Old Mid-Whitgiftians Cup 

 Away   KO 7.30pm

L 14-17   
23-Mar-19  Met Police Surrey 2    Away  KO 3pm L 36-44   
30-Mar-19  Old Wellingtonians
Surrey 2   Home  KO  3pm  L 40-41   Past Players get together
06-Apr-19 Bec Old Boys Surrey 2 Away   KO 3pm L 14-24   
Date Opponent Competition Location Score1 Details
15-Sep-18  Pre Season Surrey Cup Festival Away    
22 Sep-18 Raynes Park Friendly Home School KO 12 noon W 36-22 
29-Sep-18 Law Society 3's League Home  - walk over Win   
29-Sep-18 Streatham & Croydon 2's Friendly  Away KO 3pm W 81-14  
06-Oct-18 Kingston 2's League Away   KO 3pm  W 32-3  
13-Oct-18 Old Paulines 2's  League   Away  KO3pm  L 14 - 17  
20-Oct-18 Old Reigatians EXA XV League Home - Walk Over  Win  
20-Oct-18 Harlequins Amateurs Friendly Home - Poplar Road  KO 3pm L 17-25  
27-Oct-18 Merton 2's League Away  KO 3pm  W 36-22  

Wimbledon 4's

League Away   KO 2.30pm W 46 - 40   South Africa 3pm KO
10-Nov-18 TBA        New Zealand 3pm KO
17-Nov-18 Sutton & Epsom 4's  League Home - Walk Over
 Win   Japan 3pm KO
24-Nov-18 Old Midwives 2 Barrel (cup)  Home - Walk Over  Win   Australia 3pm KO
01-Dec-18 Old Blues 2's League Away   KO 2pm  W 26-10  
08-Dec-18 Old Emanuel 3's League Home - Poplar Road   KO 2pm W 12-5  
15-Dec-18 Free Weekend        see 3rd Team
26-Dec-18 Old Wimbledonians        
05-Jan-19 Old Whitgiftians  Barrel (cup)  Home- Poplar Road KO1.30 pm  L 12-32  
12-Jan-19 Law Society 3's League Away   KO 2pm W 46-18  
19-Jan-19 TBA Friendly Home   KO 2pm    
26-Jan-19 Kingston 2's League Home - Poplar Road   KO 2pm W 91-12  
02-Feb-19 TBA Friendly  Away     Ireland KO 4.45pm
09-Feb-19 Old Reigatians EXA XV Friendly They scratched     France on Sunday
16-Feb-19 Merton 2s League

Home -Walk over

23-Feb-19 Mini Tournament  @Home  Home Old Blues/Old Walcountians    Wales KO 4.45 pm
02-Mar-19 Wimbledon 4's League Home - KO 3pm W 42-17  
09-Mar-19 Sutton & Epsom 4's League Away   Walk Over  Win   Italy KO 4.45 pm
16-Mar-19  Cranleigh Cup Away  W 22-21   Scotland KO 5pm
23-Mar-19 Old Blues 2's League Home - Walk Over Win   
30-Mar-19 Old Emanuel 3's League Away   KO 3pm  W 76-17  
06-Apr-19 Old Paulines 2s League Home - Poplar Road   KO 3pm W 24-0   Champions!!
13-Apr-19 Semi Final Shield Play Off Shield Semi  Away Walk Over  Win  
27-Apr-19 Kingston 2 Shield Final Cobham KO 3:15 pm  W 25-17  
4-May-19 KCS OB 2s Cup Wimbledon KO 3.15  L 14-38  
Date Opponent Competition Location Score1 Details
02-Sep-18 Surrey 10s Friendly Away    
15-Sep-18 Free Friendly Away    
22-Sep-18 Old Freeman's  League  Away - walk over Loss  
29-Sep-18 Bec Old Boys League  Away KO 3pm W 66-33  
06-Oct-18 Reigate 2 League   Home Walk over  Win  
06-Oct-18 Streatham/Croydon 2 Friendly Away W 24-10  
20-Oct-18 Old Suttonians 2  League Away  L 5-52  
27-Oct-18 Woking 2 League Home Walk over  Win  
03-Nov-18 Battersea Ironsides 5 League Away L 19 - 39   South Africa 3pm KO
10-Nov-18 TBA   Away    New Zealand 3pm KO
17-Nov-18 Teddington League Home-Walk Over Win   Japan 3pm KO
24-Nov-18 TBA         Australia 3pm KO
01-Dec-18 Sutton & Epsom 5 League Away  W 25-15  
08-Dec-18 Streatham & Croydon League Home W 48-10  Click here to view match
15-Dec-18 Ironsides Friendly Away L 25-38  mixed 2nd/3d team match
22-Dec-18 TBA        
05-Jan-19 Egham Friendly Away W 24-17  
12-Jan-19 Bec Old Boys League Home W 89-22  
26-Jan-19 Reigate 2 League   Away-Walk Over  Win  
26-Jan-19 Old Paulines Friendly Away  W 35-14  
02-Feb-19 TBA         Ireland KO 4.45pm
09-Feb-19 Old Suttonians 2 League Home  W 29-5   France on Sunday
16-Feb-19 Woking 2 League Away W 104-0   
23-Feb-19 Mini-Tournament  @ Home   Home Old Blues/Old Walcountians    Wales KO 4.45 pm
02-Mar-19 Battersea Ironsides 5 League Home  W 21-0  
09-Mar-19 Teddington League Away  W 47-13        Italy KO 4.45 pm           
09-Mar-19 Vets v San Gregorio Friendly Home (Sicilian Vets team) W21-0 Video of match is on Old Ruts Senior Rugby Facebook group
16-Mar-19 Woking  Cup  Home Walk over Win    Scotland KO 5pm
16-Mar-19 Old Freemans 2 Friendly Home 1:30 pm  L 7-27  
23-Mar-19 Sutton & Epsom 5 League  Home W 49-26  
30-Mar-19 Streatham & Croydon 2 League  Away W 127-12  
06-Apr-19 Warlingham  League  Home Walk over  Win  Champions!!
06-Apr-19 Bec Old Boys 2  friendly  Away  L 61-5  
13-Apr-19 Teddington 3 Shield Semi-final Away W43-42  
27-Apr-19 Sutton & Epsom 5 Shield Final Cobham KO 1:30pm  W 53-26  
4-May-19 Sutton & Epsom 5 Cup Wimbledon KO 1.40pm  L 22-24  

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