Getting there

Please aim to arrive in good time. Whilst the SatNav might show a relatively quick journey time for a Sunday morning, there are literally hundreds of other children and families driving to the festival so [...]

Is there much time between games?

There's sometimes time standing around between games, so camping seats are welcome for legs large and small. Books, newspapers can help to pass the time for parents - the children always seem to find things [...]

Snacks and drinks

There's always food available at festivals (burgers, bacon butties etc) but if that's not what you/your child would go for, a packed lunch and nibbles are worth considering. Whilst a water bottle is a necessity, [...]

Playing when it’s raining

When the weather is extreme we may cancel sessions but a playing in a bit of light rain is quite normal! Do bring a brolly to stand under whilst watching when it's wet. It's also [...]

What footwear is best?

Usually Rugby boots should be worn for matches but at the start of the season when the ground can be hard and dry still your coach will tell you if trainers are more appropriate. Children [...]

What clothing should my child wear?

Skins or other thermal tops/leggings are well worth wearing (for kids and adults!) - they add warmth and a little protection. No zips or tags that could snag or catch someone! A spare fleece, trackie [...]

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