This article explains how the Rugby Age Groups align to School Years. If you’d like to know more about Rugby at Old Ruts then please get in touch with the Team Manager of the age group you’re interested in joining.

School Year Mixed
Age Groups
Girls Only
Age Groups
Pre-school, Nursery and Reception
(Minimum age: child should turn 3 during the season)


Year 1 U6 KidsFirst U6 Girls
Year 2 U7 KidsFirst U7 Girls
Year 3 U8 KidsFirst U8 Girls
Year 4 U9 KidsFirst U9 Girls
Year 5 U10 KidsFirst U10 Girls
Year 6 U11 KidsFirst U11 Girls
Year 7 U12 Juniors U13 Girls
Year 8 U13 Juniors U13 Girls
Year 9 U14 Juniors U15 Girls
Year 10 U15 Juniors U15 Girls
Year 11 U16 Juniors
Year 12 U17 Colts
Year 13 U18 Colts

18 – 21 year olds
(University and Further Education Students and those in Apprenticeships)

U21s & Seniors
18+ Seniors